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Since 1872 the Qing Dynasty hundreds of children in America, Chinese students studying abroad has a history of over 130 years. In each period of history, tens of thousands of Chinese children across the oceans, travel the world, the emergence of a large number of politicians, strategists, scientists, industrialists... After the reform and opening up, with hundreds of thousands of people who go abroad to study the steps we vaguely see China to the world of urgent back. Study abroad is not only independent choice of the individual talent, is the revitalization of a national development strategy, is the need of the reality of a country khanazir Baichuan.

Study is no longer simply to go abroad so simple, some students in the absence of a good job to go abroad, the lack of parents and social supervision, mutual influence among students, and so the students can not break through the language, matriculation, eventually become a study of garbage.
After a lot of excellent students in the college entrance examination to China IELTS exam sprint training, Tofu, SAT. Can, it is often difficult to obtain good results, just miss the person or opportunity class foreign university. How to avoid the risk of students to study abroad, directly into the formal university, the successful completion of their studies, has been placed in front of the basic education workers real issues.
Over the years, the cornerstone of education to adhere to the preparation, the success of the school running concept. In practice, to explore, accumulate and form a financial advantage, for Chinese students in the international school model and scientific curriculum system - to strengthen the students' attendance, classroom learning, homework, exams, and further study the management of each link to help students to avoid the risk of foreign language, professional knowledge of the barriers, to provide a safe way for students to study in china.
For 12 years, we have cultured many students successfully enter the top universities in the world, I believe that in the near future there will be more central to the children with the help of this platform to realize the ideal of life, play a leading role in the world economic stage, you are welcome to join us both rigorous and lively learning team.
Pang Kai: founder of Zhengzhou foundation stone school
1990 - work of the Education Commission of Henan Province in 1998
1999 - Henan Province, province, second experimental middle school, to participate in the establishment of second experimental middle school in Henan province.
2002 - Henan Province in 2007, the establishment of the experimental middle school in Canada, Australia, middle and high school international class.
2005 -- was founded in 2007 in Henan Province Experimental Middle School (Si Da) foreign language primary school, school principals, directors concurrently
2007 - in 2014, the establishment of the Zhengzhou foundation stone of foreign language school, Henan is the only official authorized teaching center of American University.
2007 -- 2012 co founded Luoyang high Beijing, Haidian, Zhengzhou second foreign language middle school focus both inside and outside the province of the international department.
2009 - to open the international high school classes in the middle school, and to cooperate with the Council of American University in 2014, the AP course teaching center.
2012 - 2014 and the best high school cooperation between the United States and the United States to start a bilingual dual Diploma International High school.