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Since 2003 Pang Kai principals and Chinese and foreign teachers' team founded International Department of Henan Province experimental middle school, has presided over the Luoyang high, Beijing Haidian foreign language school, Zhengzhou second foreign language school a number of key high school Chinese foreign cooperation in running schools program of create and management, cultivation of thousands of Chinese high school students successfully enter foreign first-class university school to good preparation, study the success "as the goal of running a school, after 12 years of hard exploration, has accumulated a set in China to carry out the management experience of the international high school curriculum.
By 2015, our school has cultivated 8th thousand graduates, more than 95% of the students get promoted to the top 100, Canada and Australia before the 15 strong undergraduate record straight. Of which 34% graduates from the top thirty American, Canada, Australia before the top five university. Hundreds of students entering Yale, MIT, Princeton, California Institute of technology, UC Berkeley, UCLA, New York University, the University of Wake Forest University. Toronto, UBC and McGill, Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales, Monash and other world top university.
2003 - founded the International Department of Henan experimental high school, the first 17 students to open the Henan high school international education ice breaking trip. To 2007 international students to reach 329 people, three consecutive graduate students enrolled, all of Canada, Australia, Japan first class universities, including University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, Mcgill University, University of Western Ontario, University of Waterloo, University of Sydney, Melbourne University, Adelaide University, Waseda University and other world top universities. A Henan high school graduates helicopter collective world-class university precedent.
2006 - to help set up a high international high school in Luoyang, and to start a foreign language teaching base for Chinese students.
2007 - the establishment of a foreign language school in Zhengzhou, open the ACT American University Examination Committee of the only official teaching center in Henan.
2008 -- the first session of the 64 graduates: America, Canada and Australia, all helicopter first-class university. Cong Peng, Dong Xun, Du Xu, 40 more than person is American Duran, Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue, Iowa and American top 100 university admission, 12 people 6000 - $9000 a scholarship, 3 University 28 credits (four years in the University, a total of about 120 credits) relief. Gold, tiger Yue and other 14 people were Canada Toronto, UBC, Mcgill and other ten Canadian University admission. Liu Xinpei, Chen Zhe and other 8 people were admitted to ataustralia'smonash, Macquarie first-class university.
2009 -- the second session of the 89 graduates: America, Canada and Australia, all helicopter first-class university. Li Kailiang, Rong Wenjun, Dong Baiyan, Zhang Yan, Liu Rui, Zhao Shuang, mark Mengtian, Ishi Chikazu, Mao Dong, Wang Xiaoxi, 50 people were Illinois in Champaign, Ohio State, Penn State, Connecticut, Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa, Michigan State, Texas A & M, Miami Oxford American top 100 university admission, 16 people received 16000 - $20000 scholarship, 15 people get 6000 - 8000 scholarship of $, winter hair 18 people university 28 credits (four years in the University, a total of about 120 credits) relief. Zhu Han, Gao Peixiao, Li Zhongyang and other 20 people were admitted to the top ten universities in Toronto, Mcgill University, UBC, Alberta, etc.. Yan Ge, Wang Huiran, Yang Shiyuan, Wen Qi Zhang, Cao Zhongyang etc. 11 Australia University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, Monash University, Macquarie University of Australia, former top ten university admission.

2010 - the 97 session of the third graduates: all of the United States, Canada, Canada, Australian first-class university undergraduate. Wang Shuo, Shi Wenshuai, Qin Guanqun, Qin Yiwen, Song Xianda, Xu Xiran, Hua Chengyu, Wei heart, Zhou Hanhan, Wei Ming, Li He, Yu Jintan, Guo Jingru, more than 60 students were enrolled in Seattle, Washington, Georgia, Ohio State, Penn State, Northeastern University, Iowa, Dezhou a & M, Kang Nedig, Ohio State, Purdue, Washington State Texas, Kentucky, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Dallas Baptist University, University of Alabama, University of Utah, University of Miami, Oxford, University of Denver, Indiana University, California State University, Bob Minton, San Francisco State University of Michigan State University, nearly 30 America top 100 university, more than 20 students received a scholarship of $6000-26000, 12 people get relief University 28 credits (the University for 4 years a total of about 120 credits). Yu Lisha and other 16 students were admitted to Canada Manitoba University, Simon Fraser university. Gao Simin and other 13 students were admitted to the NSW, Australia, Monash University and other first-class university.
2011 - 95 fourth graduates: 100 TOEFL 28 points or more, 80% students TOEFL 90 points, IELTS 6.5 points or more, the results are gratifying: Tang Jing Jing to only 1 points out of the results to become ACT American college entrance exam in china! This year's graduates all helicopter before the United States 100, Canada, Australia, one of the top 15 university, more than 50% of the students enter the American Top50 University, 20% of students entering the top30, and Australia before the top 10 world top universities, student membership in Luoyang Zhang Guanyu obtained American Weidelien University hundred and forty-four thousand dollars on a full scholarship.
2012 -- the fifth session of the 92 graduates: continue to create the TOEFL, ACT score, 100% Canada Australia school admission legend! ACT test score of 24.1 points (average score of 21.6 points), the TOEFL score 80% students 85 points, 24 people TOEFL 100 points, IELTS 7 points, Liu Zinan to break the record of 120 points out of Chinese candidates TOEFL, become China's only toefl! Was admitted to the United States, Germany's top universities full scholarship. Tang Jing Jing with 35 points (out of 36) achievement became the college entrance examination test American Chinese champion. Zhang Fan students to ACT33 points, SAT2380 points to become the first American college entrance examination, Saint Louis, California, Losangeles,,,, and other top universities in the United states.
In 2013, the 99 graduates of the sixth session of the 24.9 graduates: the average score of ACT was points (21.6 points),! The United States hundred, plus Australia top 15 university admissions rate of 97%, the United States 50 university admissions rate of nearly 50%, the United States 30 strong acceptance rate reached 21%! Zhou Yihong was admitted to Columbia University, California University, Berkeley and other elite! The second international high school graduates Wang Junnan ACT34 points to the college entrance examination to become the year America China District champion. , California Berkeley, Wooster, and other prestigious universities.
2014 -- the seventh session of the 102 graduates: all the top 100, America Canada and Australia, top 15 university, Toronto, UBC, Wu Biyu, Li Zhaoxi, Liu Yiran admitted, Wu Jingtian and other 83 people in California, gold Berkeley UCLA, Illinois, Pennsylvania, champagne, Bloomington, Indiana Wooster Polytechnic of Michigan state, Iowa, Miami Oxford, Colorado, University of Missouri, Boulder, Toronto, Canada, Mcgill, UBC, Xi'an Ontario IV Business School, Alberta, University of Saskatchewan, Manny Tor Ba, Mount Allison, Memorial University of Newfoundland, York, Canada, American, Dale House and many other world-class university admission. Ma Yanlong, Meng Xiangchen, and more than 10 students were admitted to Australia, New South Wales, Monash University, Melbourne, Adelaide University.
2015 session -- the eighth 108 students, has entered the stage of exam review, 2012 high school classes Wang Miaoxin classmates 5 month AP exam took physics, macro economics, statistics, three full marks, June went to Hong Kong for the first time in the act exam king Miaoxin, Zhang Jiaying students obtain the outstanding achievement of 31 points (out of 36, Harvard, Yale and other Ivy League university admission requirement of 31-34), the class average 24.3 points, higher than the Native American high school students average scores 3 points above, the current graduation in October and December and two times in the school to participate in the act exam opportunity, I believe they will with more excellent performance for the top universities in the world.