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Concept purpose
Zhengzhou foundation stone school with many years of successful experience in international education practice, the domestic strict student management system and teaching objective responsibility assessment system used in international education management, strict quality of students, teaching. The introduction of advanced international courses, the selection of outstanding foreign teachers, for students to provide authentic international course, high quality examination training help students to break through the language barrier, into foreign first-class university, good convergence, successful completion of the wide into severe out of college, to train high-quality international talents for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
The cornerstone of vision: welcome in there, out of the pillars of wood! Financial advantages of Chinese and western education, education of talents!
Cornerstone mission: to lead the Chinese students to study rational, so that each of the students grow, adults, success.
Running mode: serious, pragmatic and scientific teaching style, and cultivate the style of study of hard work, hard work and study.
Guidelines for running a school: in line with the conscience of educators, to provide students with useful, responsible for international education.
School commitment
In order to better serve the social services, to help students and parents understand the true and reliable international education way, we make the following school commitment:
1, to the students will as the basis, the foreign general examination as the standard, according to the Chinese Ministry of education to recognize the degree of international authoritative university ranking, wide choice of University and professional, not for the interests of the students choose foreign waste school, University Language Project earned a commission.
2, to the public real results, all of the cases are undergraduate enrollment, not the language center of foreign universities, such as the admission of non undergraduate direct confusion to mislead parents.
3, resist totally dependent on skill, cheating and other speculation examination practice, guide the students to strengthen examination techniques and exercise training in improving learning basic premise, eventually admitted to the ideal result.
4, resist the excessive packaging, the whole arranged university application mode, avoid college application document plagiarism suspicion, and adult, templated ills, guide students to participate in the process of application, refining personal advantage, show the most wonderful side, increasing schools admission probability.

Running advantages
International course, give full consideration to the characteristics of students, teaching from shallow to deep, gradual needle, hierarchical teaching, training excellent makeup to help different students realize the goal of studying abroad.
Teaching mode: a set of teaching methods, teaching methods, foreign teachers, teaching aids in the teaching of the course of the integration of the teaching of the west, in the course of teaching and learning, to meet the requirements of the teaching of English, and to complete the course.
To make up for the course exam -- China students English / science basic level, not short-term exam skills training ability gap. Only after the basic course and exam training with each other, to achieve the transformation of knowledge, can obtain satisfactory results in the examination.
Teaching management -- school will be normal to the high school teaching management model is used in the curriculum and teaching management, to teaching as the center, the teacher in charge of class target responsibility system as the foundation, take the college entrance examination sprint teaching mode, for students to enter an ideal university to provide a reliable guarantee.
Teachers as a long-term engaged in high school international education professional institutions, our foreign teachers employ channels, forming a professional background, teaching experience and through the AP, ACT training qualification review of full-time foreign teachers team, which has a very different nature with Foreign College Intern, part-time teacher. In most foreign teachers with 3-4 years of teaching experience, the formation of a stable teacher management system. Chinese teacher for many years with the foreign teachers, the accumulation of relevant teaching and management experience.
Experience of 12 years we experienced numerous difficulties and hardships, from a selection of high-quality teacher, to the management of foreign teachers, foreign teachers to carry out teaching and research, course in the western and realize optimization of mutual fusion, choice for Chinese students abroad programs, select overseas examination and the organization of the examination training, help students to test the result, guide students from the thought establish correct concept of studying abroad, preparation system, how to resist the temptation to speculation, blind psychological study... Crack one and a difficult problem, and gradually explore the formation of the quality of our school teaching management system, our students will no longer be the international education experiment.
For a long time, we have established friendly cooperative relations with many foreign countries, and have accumulated a wide range of international education and cooperation, and we have applied for a professional team for students from the aspects of enrollment, training, application for foreign universities, and so on.
Curriculum system, the only two major educational institutions in Henan, the American University, the entrance examination committee, the American University Council, the United States the three major authority of the exam -- the United States college entrance examination ACT, SAT and the American University credit first repair course AP test center.