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College Test American American University admission test official authorization center

Board AP, American University, the official school of College

Zhengzhou cornerstone middle school is approved by the government in full-time secondary school, Provincial Department of education, Public Security Bureau, bureau of foreign experts approved foreign experts hired qualification units, by the original Henan Experimental High School International Department to create professional management team, have a team with rich experience in international education of Chinese and foreign teachers.
Our school is one of the oldest in China to carry out international cooperation in running schools, 2003 has founded experimental middle school in Henan Province, Luoyang, a high, Beijing Haidian foreign language school in plus, America, Australia high school international class, 2007 become Henan only "American college entrance examination" act official curriculum teaching center, AP courses registered schools, and Canton high school, Xinjiang Bayi, Kunming foreign language, Shenzhen Fuyuan school more than 50 provincial key middle school carry out international education exchange of experience.
Schools adhering to the "integration of Chinese and Western culture, the advantage of the combination of" school concept. To provide students with the curriculum teaching, extra-curricular activities planning, entrance examination, university application, professional choice, overseas extension services, such as the full range of guidance. After more than ten years of hard practice, gradually explore a set of international education mode for the characteristics of Chinese students. Formed by the curriculum system, education system, management system, personnel system, the development of the system of five major systems, the system of a complete model for Chinese students in the country to break through the language, professional knowledge and learning difficulties, to overcome the common problems of Chinese students, the successful completion of the study abroad to go out to work hard to lay a solid foundation.
By 2015, our school has cultivated 8th thousand graduates, more than 95% of the students obtain ascend to the top 100, Canada and Australia before the 15 strong undergraduate recorded straight (7th a total of 9 who has not reached the helicopter target). Of which 34% graduates from the top thirty American, Canada, Australia before the top five university. Hundreds of students entering Yale, MIT, Princeton, California Institute of technology, UC Berkeley, UCLA, New York University, the University of Wake Forest University. Toronto, UBC and McGill, Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales, Monash and other world top university.
Study abroad, not a tour, but not between the exploration, study, change the fate of. We don't have a beautiful campus, there is no overwhelming publicity, without the use of public schools gorgeous coat, studying in so many big institutions, public international class, study abroad exam training. Why do you want to choose the cornerstone of education?

8 major reasons for choosing the cornerstone

1 ,12years of school practice - "let your children do not do international education test"

In 2003, we established in Henan Province, Luoyang high, Beijing Haidian foreign language and other key school international department, American college entrance examination official curriculum teaching center, 12 years of arduous exploration, the eighth thousand graduates helicopter overseas first-class university. Explore a set of financial and foreign teaching advantages, suitable for Chinese students of the school model, compared to the early stages of a large number of high school international classes, we are proud to say, safe study, the first stone".
2, with the conscience of the people of education to do international education - "a few students on the basis of a few students studying abroad"
The spirit of educators conscience, we resolutely resist the "for instant success, opportunistic" trend of students, guide and cultivate the 9th graduate students through the system of Britain, the teachers in the whole course learning, "break the language barrier, good convergence and conversion to go abroad, and foreign study seamless, outstanding, overcome Chinese students articulation is not sufficient, the low achievement students common, can be called a miracle. We are proud: "rest assured, the first stone of choice".
3, the teaching results with the fact to speak - "the same basic students, the cornerstone of more outstanding graduates"
In 2007, we become American college entrance examination official teaching center, training the third American college entrance examination couch in China first, China's first TOEFL 120 minutes of full marks exam, IELTS 8.5 points, AP, got a perfect score on the SAT and a large number of outstanding students. Authoritative international curriculum to lay a solid foundation, American college entrance examination official guidance, many years of practical experience in the intensive examination training is the cornerstone of student achievement is outstanding the secret, graduates more than 90% of American helicopter before the 100, Canada, Australia, one of the top 15 university, 34% helicopter top 30 American, adding Australian top universities. We are proud: "high quality study, the first stone".
4, before going abroad, the process, the results of the post - "strict management, system to lay the foundation for the study of foreign students"
We apply the strict management mode of China to the international course teaching, the whole closed and intensive course study and cultivate the students' good habits, which laid the foundation stone for the study abroad. Cornerstone of graduate education has 4 sessions at a foreign university on time or early graduation, credit outstanding, half into graduate school, dreams of the Ivy League, many more students in foreign employment or returning entrepreneurship and development. We are proud of: "the success of the first study, the first stone".
5, courses, exams, entrance to a station to complete - "no longer for IELTS, Tofu, SAT exam training to run around"
Course examination, application for - machine - feedback one-stop complete, as American college entrance examination official teaching center, students can on campus to participate in global unified examination. No longer need to run around to participate in IELTS, Tofu, SAT extracurricular counseling, training, the cornerstone of the application team and foreign universities, admissions officers directly to the school interview. Overseas students will provide alumni more than 1000 graduates of powerful foreign. We are proud: "peace of mind, the first choice of the cornerstone".

6, which lasted for 13 years, the Chinese students can "learn to learn, learn, learn," international curriculum
With many schools "ism" the introduction of different foreign original course, cornerstone summarizes more than ten years of practical experience, the final act classes has in China 13 years promotion, 9 curriculum reform according to tens of thousands of students feedback form teacher instruction, education and counselling, from shallow to deep, step by step teaching system, put an end to the Chinese students learning foreign original course listen to gobbledygook, low credit embarrassing situation. Is the Chinese students can learn to learn, learn, learn, the international curriculum, we are proud: no worries, the preferred cornerstone"
7, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Britain Hongkong University -- "the world's most numerous helicopter for the entrance way widely"
With some of the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and other international high school classes, ACT courses by the American University, plus Australia, Britain, the United States Education Commission, the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States, Canada, and Singapore national, University of Hong Kong, and many other universities, a wide range of studies. Only by the United States Embassy in China recommended letter, so far the student visa through rate 100%. We are proud: "free study, the first choice of the cornerstone"
8, scholarships, work study, overseas students -- "mutual international curriculum to help students to save money, save time"
ACT examination is not only the school enrollment standards, but also the United States, and the University of general scholarship grant basis, the cornerstone of the application team has a wealth of experience, many students receive scholarships, Zhang Guanyu students was 4000 140000 dollars, breaking the Chinese students' maximum amount of record. Fully connected, the foundation of a lot of students are hired as a part-time assistant, tutoring other students in china. We are proud: "to save money to study, the preferred cornerstone"