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2015 new members of the Zhengzhou foundation students!

Starting in September 6, 2015, the new students in the middle school will start to build, and the students are ready to start work.
Students will be the cornerstone of the traditional students self management is an important platform, but also to show and develop students' leadership, organizational skills, creativity, planning ability, communication skills, social responsibility of the important activities of the form. In does not affect the normal study based on, let the students use spare time a powerful and unconstrained style, bold innovation, to stimulate the potential of students, for senior university apply for accumulation of social practice experience, as long as have the ability, there will be a platform, shiwudaxiao, perserve, careful and attentive.
Students can run, enter the student association, or play a special advantage to create a community. On Come, please let me see you!
This election, a total of the department:
Chairman and vice chairman of the student union:
Chairman of the student union, is the internal coordinator, bear the responsibility of the organization's internal communication and exchange, responsible for establish and assist each department and the community relations and work responsibilities and emergency task in the organization is also the first to undertake sector. Weekdays regularly prepare and organize students to the internal meeting, presided over the drafting and revision of rules and regulations, a connecting link between the preceding and the following good election voting, and organize the important meetings and activities. The president is the soul of the students.
Discipline Inspection Department
Students will set up supervision mechanism, to the whole school of supervision and inspection, to standardize their daily behavior, improve their comprehensive quality, cultivating students sense of self, and comprehensively promote the construction of school spirit, class atmosphere. Daily inspection at the same time, discipline inspection department of the class monitor, each bedroom gestation do assessment work and urged class in learning, life, health, discipline the straight-A. Accept the students to discipline students and cadres report, and report to the Bureau of the bureau. Supervise the school logistics (canteen, security guard and dorm) other offices, recruit students suggested that CO manage the school, for the entire school teachers and students create a full of positive energy of the campus. Assist in the security work of the campus, maintain the order of the venue, large or public places.
Department of literary style
The Ministry of sports and sports department is to create and provide all kinds of sports activities for the students to create and provide all kinds of sports activities. Mainly responsible for the activities of the various types of activities planning, creative ideas, design architecture, arrangements and process monitoring, and the cornerstone of the organization, the organization of social contacts and cooperation to organize various activities, and actively innovate. Sports department hosted the basketball match, the cornerstone of the Christmas party, song and so on, and for the selection of program activities. In the coming days, the sports department will continue to organize all kinds of important festivals and activities, will also contact the association to form a group, to organize a variety of colorful, rich and interesting competition (only can not do not do).
Propaganda Department
Publicity department is responsible for the foundation of the activities of the early, late reporting, interviews, external publicity. In activities such as Christmas party, concert, for stage, sound, projection control and activities provide professional advice and service. Daily responsible for photography, video clips, writing text, creative posters, the surrounding and media interviews, etc.. At the same time, the propaganda department is responsible for all kinds of interview content of the propaganda, finishing, editing and editing. Will assist in the management of the cornerstone of the site, the forum, paste it, micro channel public number and other normal operation of the site as well as purification, maintenance, do a good job in the foundation of the school and external communication and image promotion. At the same time, shoulder the cornerstone of alumni liaison tasks, the specific responsibility for the collection of information on the students in previous years, employment information, planning an alumni interview, invited alumni to the school and a series of friendly contact and exchange activities, to prepare for the students to study abroad and parents to help.
Official Community: cornerstone media
As the name implies, the integration of media and media, and the integration of production, editing and broadcasting, is a bridge between school and parents, school and society. We will be in the form of text, video, Internet, media, advertising and so on. (at the same time for the cornerstone and the head of media propaganda minister)