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Elite schools in Zhengzhou, China is the cornerstone of the successful conclusion of secondary schoo

With overseas all schools admissions officer and is responsible for the bus slowly leaving the cornerstone of middle school in the square in front of, declared on September 14 schools in China Zhengzhou foundationstone station successfully completed.



Admissions officers at 7:40 in the evening to reach the cornerstone of secondary school, translation and volunteers to meet the admissions officers!


The venue of the students and parents are also very much looking forward to the arrival of the admissions officers


Before the meeting, the head of the elite schools and admissions officers to introduce themselves to represent the school


Our student translation officer and a group of overseas schools for a group photo!


The meeting began! Our admissions officers began to get busy, a big hall but All seats are occupied. oh!


At 9 o'clock in the evening, to the consultation of the time of the end, although not shed, but the world has not dispersed banquet is not, the cornerstone of middle school to participate in the admissions officer prepare delicate gift, thanks to the arrival of the admissions officers.

After the end of the event, our interpreter, and the volunteers have been praise and praise of the majority of the students to apply what they have learned and communicate without pressure, this is the cornerstone of school achievement! Maybe next year, next to the admissions officer is you!