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Tenth Canada Australia International University Winter preparatory classes

Abstract: ACT (College Test American) entrance examination, ACT and SAT examination are known as the "American college entrance examination", they are not only the entrance condition of American University, but also the main basis for the University grant scholarships.
Act score 36 points, test subjects include: English, reading, math, science, four door, also writing can be selected according to the needs of students, 5 times act exam every year, students can participated in, choose the best result to apply for the University.
ACT exam 5 times a year, GAC students generally arranged in 10, December or the following year in April to participate in the global ACT test, the time of the global unification by ACT examiner supervision, examination results will be announced on the official website, the students apply for University unified by the headquarters of the application sent.
Zhengzhou foundationstone middle school is the act and AP official authorized teaching center, 2007 has eight sessions of graduates entering the former American top 100, Canada, Australia and the top 20 university, nearly half of the students received scholarship offers.
By 2015, existing 4th students in foreign undergraduate graduation, no one person was hanged division repetition, to win the broad trust and praise from the students, parents and society. Continue to face the province in 2016.
Enrollment object: high school students, the third year plan to study, the school in February, the number of limited number of 28 people per class.
Admission requirements: take part in English proficiency test (listening, speaking, reading and writing), the best selection of the.
Teachers with: ACT certification professional, science teachers all over the UK, the Chinese teacher in charge and guidance.
Teaching mode: the original and the original flavor of the Western interactive, heuristic teaching mode, from shallow to deep, step by step to help students adapt to the whole English teaching. Classroom teaching by asking questions and discussion, homework to academic papers and survey report, under the guidance of teachers completed data query, drafting of the outline, group discussion, revise repeatedly, defense, speech process, subversion domestic cramming teaching mode, in the application of rapid increase in English.
IELTS or TOEFL Training: through the system of the science curriculum used in English teaching, a lot of paper work to after data collection, discussion, group study, writing revision, classroom lectures, the respondent, repeated using the students' vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency in the use of the capability to rapidly increase. On this basis, many students participate in the TOEFL (or IELTS Zhenti) intensive exam training, obtain the ideal effect.
The act exam training: Act classes through the science curriculum of English learning, students will effectively achieve the junior middle school, the high school learned English ability of science knowledge transformation. On the basis of students to use the official act of pro forma information, to China's college entrance examination of pro forma model to carry out a lot of exam Zhenti simulation training, causes the student to have the ability to deal with a full range of various types of overseas entrance examination, and obtain excellent results, enter the ideal university.
Student management: the combination of the class teacher and the responsible teacher, to the students learning, homework, examination and practice and sleep, safe, dining implementation of comprehensive management.
Teaching plan: in January 2016, it began to prepare English intensive course of study.
February 2016 officially opened, divided into three stages:
L first stage: 2-7 month to learn math, science, English speaking, reading, writing, computer, business, social sciences and other basic courses.
L second stage: 7 - December, foreign teachers with the organization of the ACT, the 3 step of the TOEFL test, the ideal score
L third stage: the University of convergence and AP credits first courses (elective), 3 - May was a university admission notice, in August went to foreign universities.
ACT and SAT as the United States college entrance examination, into twenty-first Century, ACT focused on discipline knowledge, the more people the characteristics of the people of the American University, in 2014 the United States high school students ACT test to reach 1640000 people, more than 200000 people in the SAT exam.
ACT in various provinces in China by the exclusive license to promote the form, to ensure the quality and reputation of the ACT curriculum, but also forced many domestic foreign intermediaries, examination and training institutions and international schools can only choose to promote SAT, forming a misunderstanding of the Chinese students ACT.
Course setting
Course is divided into three levels, the first and second level learning in English literature, science based curriculum to help students realize the first, high school science knowledge in English and Chinese transformation, under the premise of laying a solid foundation, by act of the United States college entrance examination official provide guidance and preparing for the TOEFL, act exam intensive, to obtain excellent results after carry out the third level of the University bridging course learning, to achieve seamless and the University of the West.
Course subjects include:
[academic English] listening and speaking skills; reading and writing skills (grade II) (I) (grade III).
[Natural Science] scientific principle, physical and chemical basis.
[mathematics] Elementary Mathematics (grade I); probability, statistics and Finance (II); calculus and advanced applications (III).
Social science communication skills; independent learning skills, personal and team development skills, academic research ability and global issues.
[Computer] Internet introduction, word processing, data management, information exchange and expression; graphics and web design.
[business] basic business studies, international business research profile, statistics, data analysis based learning.
[training] TOEFL or IELTS exam exam exam, strengthen ACT strengthening.
Elective subjects, according to the individual will take the AP mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, macroeconomic, microeconomic and other subjects.
Entrance way:
As the authority of the United States educational examination authority, act in the world has extensive influence, Britain, New Zealand, the Irish Government Education Committee, the Australian Higher Education Department have issued a written approval letter, accept GAC/ACT qualified graduates helicopter undergraduate, Singapore National University, Hong Kong University will act as an undergraduate admission standard grades. Entrance way including:
The USA includes 8 ivy, 4000 university undergraduate grades received ACT record straight.
The American Illinois champagne nearly 30 top 100 university with ACT free TOEFL, IELTS, undergraduate helicopter.
The Yale University and other Ivy League schools with ACT+ACT writing scores and SAT1+SAT2 equivalent admission.
The Canada Toronto top university students to accept Chinese ACT instead of Chinese undergraduate college entrance examination scores recorded straight.
The Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Britain closely free local matriculation helicopter undergraduate university.
The top university National University of Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries to accept the ACT helicopter undergraduate grades.
The United States, plus all university accept credit AP, part of the university to accept ACT credits reading two.
College applications: our university to apply for full-time team with rich experience in the case of more than a thousand students to apply for, for students to provide school choice, selected professional, letters of recommendation, instruments, school and parents to visit relatives, such as a full range guidance.
Visa processing: the only domestic official recommendation of the United States Embassy in the international course, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Irish government academic institutions issued a written approval, the school graduates so far to maintain a visa 100% pass rate.