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Sixth ACT USA (Part-time) exam preparation class enrollment

- the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Hongkong first class university to get up early to study in the UK
Cornerstone of zhengzhou middle school was the official authorization ACT, AP teaching center, 2007 international pre-university GAC/ACT/AP courses, eight of the top 100 graduates to the United States, Canada, Australia university of the top 20, nearly half of the students admitted to win a scholarship. 
In 2009, our school start international pre-university preparation classes, starting from the higher use spare time to study liberal arts international course, into a full-time training after high school examination, achieved the ideal educational effect, cultivate many outstanding students, including: toefl perfect students Liu Zinan, ACT ets China scholar Wang Junnan, 2015 session of ACT33 wang miao xin most students to the United States, such as the top 50 university admissions requirements, 37% of students reached top 30 university admissions requirements. 
Recruit students object: grade graduation, effects of excellent results in the high school students.