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25 overseas universities in China to walk into the cornerstone of zhengzhou station

Chegg international education group will be on September 13, 2015-23 in Beijing, zhengzhou, Qingdao, hangzhou, foshan, guangzhou "the third overseas universities" autumn tour across the country. I, on behalf of Chegg international education group - China and its Zinch China, sincerely invite you to participate in this tour and the related activities. 
"Overseas famous line" of China's large study tour is sponsored by the Chegg international education group, is dedicated to study group in China to provide the most authoritative, most professional, most comprehensive, the most transparent, direct overseas study information, for the urban radiation within the scope of the student community to provide more valuable communication and study in May, for parents to bring more official true information about the overseas colleges and universities, also for the domestic school exchanges the communication with overseas institutions bring more opportunities for cooperation. At the same time, open up channels for the introduction of foreign high-quality education resources, to promote Chinese and foreign institutions and related agencies of exchange and cooperation platform. 
Chegg is directly recognized in the United States and the world many famous colleges and universities, with the American education Group U.S.Edu cation Group as well as many partners work together, constantly bring help for Chinese to study abroad, relying on strong overseas colleges and universities resources, organizing overseas colleges and universities school admissions officer directly with the school leaders to participate in various activities. 
To study market trends in recent years, as well as the growing domestic demand for study in group communication, Chegg international education group will, as always, in the autumn for domestic international school/division of average high school provide the opportunity to contact with the world famous overseas universities and colleges. The tour will be in Beijing, zhengzhou, Qingdao, hangzhou, foshan, guangzhou, in six continue past process arrangement, with students - the free exchange of overseas colleges is given priority to, supplemented by overseas colleges and universities of the video as the main activity form, cooperate with the school the specific needs of the domestic, more kinds of activities. 
Looking forward to the autumn of 2015 "overseas famous Chinese line" on the trip can be cornerstone in middle school to meet with you! 
The overseas each big school list 
These university head will be present to introduce you to some of the local school. 

Chinese Name


Arizona state university                                                                                            National comprehensive university - 129 
Augustana college                                                                                                   Liberal arts college - 105 
Ason kring university of aeronautics and astronautics                                     University of south - 11 
Hollins university                                                                                                      Liberal arts college - 112 
North Carolina state university                                                                              National comprehensive university - 95 
The Ohio Wesleyan university                                                                               Liberal arts college - 99 
University of st. ambrose                                                                                       The Midwest university - 40 
The central university of Missouri                                                                         The Midwest university - 84 
At the university of Michigan, flint                                                                          The Midwest university - 92 
Western Michigan university                                                                                  American public university - 108
Macneice state university                                                                                        Southern university - 87 
Western Kentucky university                                                                                   University of south - 31 
The university of Oklahoma                                                                                    National comprehensive university - 106 
Lycoming college                                                                                                      Liberal arts college - 159 
The gonzaga university                                                                                            Western university - 3 
Black, Concordia university - Moore                                                                      Liberal arts college - 129 
West Virginia university                                                                                           American public university - 90 
Auburn university                                                                                                      National comprehensive university - 103 
The university of Kansas                                                                                        National comprehensive university - 106 
University of south Carolina                                                                                   National comprehensive university - 112 
University of Wisconsin at whitewater                                                                  The Midwest university - 49 
The Massachusetts pharmaceutical and health and science university      Graduate students major in pharmacy 
The ranking - 58                                                                                                         SAN bernardino community college district 
The first founded, California, USA                                                                         Unified school district 
Louisiana state university                                                                                       National comprehensive university - 129 

Speech process, we can give a admissions officer, on-site interpretation, so that the students of all levels can be a comprehensive understanding of the school, this time will need 15 translation officer and five volunteers play, prepared in the specific arrangement will according to the field situation, students will make admissions officers accompanied translation. 
To apply, with 15 translator 5 volunteers overseas university admissions officer directly face-to-face communication