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QS world university rankings

U.S. NEWS last week released the latest American university rankings, QS yesterday also released the global university rankings, the United States once again won the first at the Massachusetts institute of technology, followed by Harvard University, Cambridge university and Stanford university. Notably, two universities - Singapore's national university of Singapore and nanyang technological university in 12 and 13 respectively, leading university in Asia. 
Evaluation way into balance, discipline advantage is no longer apparent 
The ranking will be to readjust the proportion of papers citations, so as to make each course can have a more balanced approach to rank. In previous, humanities and social sciences professional papers because fewer citations, focus on the professional university failed to get a good ranking. This year, after the reform of the university of arts and humanities, social science management and engineering technical ranking has the obvious rise. Scopus database is the world's largest academic papers QS university assessment is an important data source, according to Scopus, according to data from the reference quantity of medical paper accounted for 49%, 14% and the student; Instead, art students majoring in humanities accounted for 30%, but the paper refer to account for only 1%, which is decided by their different paper culture. Therefore, in order to encourage the balanced development of professional disciplines, the university made such reforms, QS when evaluating a college, at the same time considering the five disciplines, including arts and humanities, social sciences (including management), natural science, engineering, and biomedical science in school average academic performance will be measured. Thus is advantageous to the paper and the reference number is not high arts and humanities, social science management, the development of engineering technology. And in this year's ranking, the London school of economics and therefore rose 36. While at Yale, Johns Hopkins these in life sciences and other professional schools has not been the expected high ranking. 
Asian school performance is good, compelling from the university of Singapore 
This year's ranking, many universities has great improvement over the last year in Asia, especially the performance of the two universities in Singapore, more than at Yale, Cornell university, the university of Pennsylvania and other ivy league university in the United States. In addition, China's university also has a good performance, which rose 22, tsinghua university, 25th, Peking University rose 25, at 41. In addition to the tsinghua Beijing university, fudan university and Shanghai jiaotong university were also rank among the world top university. Compared with last year, Japan and South Korea university without too big change, India's universities have outstanding performance. Can be seen from this year's ranking, the rising level of higher education in Asia. 
The Swiss university well, high performance/price ratio, and study abroad in Europe 
Even though both Britain and America university occupies more than half of the ranking of TOP20 school, yet the two universities of Switzerland and the Swiss federal institute of technology and at the ecole polytechnique federale in lausanne attracted the eyes of most people. At the same time, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland also have many top universities in the world, compared with American and British universities high tuition, continental European universities tuition cheap even tuition-free, more cost-effective, is suitable for the study in many working-class family planning. 
University rankings are for reference only, choose the school still need to combine their own 
Although the QS world university ranking has a certain degree of professional and authoritative, but small make up recommend students and parents don't chose the ranking as the school standards, ranking can be used for reference, choose the school should be combined with their own situation, considering choosing the most suitable for their own, rather than TOP20 or need school. In addition, every school in addition to ranking and scoring, they are professional, characteristics and school atmosphere, where the geographical position, and so on should be students the content of the reference, please choose the most suitable for their own reason!