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Zhengzhou cornerstone middle school was invited to the AP China education summit in 2015

Summit overview 
Sponsored by The College Board (The College Board), The host of The affiliated high school of south China normal university in 2015 AP ® China education summit in 2015 was held on October 16-19, The conference theme of "exchange AP Chinese achievement, AP Chinese future outlook", The meeting invitation to include Michigan state university, Vanderbilt university, she university, institute of claremont McCann and Cornell university leaders and administrators to congress to do report and on-site communication, as a cornerstone of zhengzhou middle school official registration AP courses teaching center, was invited to attend The summit in The Chinese education. 

Dr Wang Xiangbo is a member of the leadership team of the university council, he mainly in charge of the university council relationship development for Asian affairs, focused on the project strategy and operation in China, 
Responsible for establishing and maintaining with the Chinese government, education institutions, schools, education workers good relations, and ensure that the college board smooth development projects in China and Asia, in particular 
University courses and exams (AP) the operation of the project. In addition, he is also President of the college board's special technology consultant, to provide relevant psychological science, education, chairman of the exam, and technology, 
Especially the computer test and test infrastructure related Suggestions on the development of the latest. 
Dr Wang education in the United States have a lot of experience and testing service. He served as a law school admission council (LSAT) research scientists, the education testing service (ETS) 
Psychometrics senior expert analysis, statistical analysis of Chauncey international group, director of the university council, psychological measurement experts and senior research scientist, as well as the vice President of the ACT. 
The College Board, 
The College Board (The College Board) is America's largest non-governmental education organization, its purpose is to improve The middle school education, help students better prepared to enter The stage of higher education and to succeed. University council was established in 1900, has been more than 100 years history, is a non-profit, membership-based education organization. At present, the college board has more than 5700 members, including primary and secondary schools, school districts, universities, and other education organizations. Every year, the university director to more than 7 million students and their parents, 23000 high schools and 3800 universities offer a variety of services, including college application, study guides, testing, scholarships, admissions service, teaching, consulting, etc. 
Cornerstone of zhengzhou middle school is the official certification center of the AP courses, eight graduate helicopters the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Hong Kong and other top universities, and a cornerstone of middle school Chinese students learning mode in combination with foreign official curriculum has developed a set of teaching mode for Chinese students, let students can go abroad to learn more, do the seamless connection between China and American university high school. 
The meeting content 
The AP Chinese education during The summit, The College Board once again reiterated that The reform of The SAT. Reading less uncommon vocabulary, increase The difficulty of writing, no longer wrong topic points so The reform of The small make up in The previous articles have mentioned to you, and this is more professional in The summit of The content is presented. And in The AP China education summit many College admissions officer and head of The school put forward clear, in The condition of admission, SAT and ACT are absolutely different, treatment, and The difference between The College Board at The summit also welcome The Chinese students, hope can be in China's education popularization of AP courses. 
Dr Assembly Wang Xiangbo also proposed computer professional, has 400000 scarce jobs in the United States. Hope to have more computer talents come to the United States. 
College board the college board's host AP SAT two test (not official note guidance and teaching material). American college entrance examination committee by the ACT (AmericanCollegeTest American college entrance examination), and the official development of GAC courses - the only global international pre-university course covers the ACT test, sign up for the course in the official authorized teaching center, and the official guidance in the center of the authorization to participate in the global unified the ACT, it is also a cornerstone to the ACT. 
In 2010, the foundation school authorized by the College board the College board, become a registered member of the school, cornerstone students taking AP courses, according to the grades to students, cooperate with the College application, design SAT2 test plan (sprint the TOP30 university) 
The AP (Advanced Placement), American university courses, Advanced Placement courses to an American university. To point to by The College Board (The College Board) provided by The teaching of College courses in high school. American high school students can take these courses, take an AP test after homework, can get college credit after get some achievements. 
AP courses in American high schools have 22 categories, 37, has more than 15000 high schools in the United States in common. It can make high school students contact university courses in advance, to avoid repetition of the primary stage of high school and college course. 
AP exam scores using 5 scale, examinee can get 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points. Usually three points or more than three points can be in the university for credits, but there are a lot of special case, some famous university accepted standard above 4 or 5 points, some universities do not accept AP scores. 
At present, more than 40 countries nearly 3600 universities admit AP study into its entrance reference standard and the test add college credits for students, including harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and imperial world famous university. 
AP exam to be held in May each year, is now in 80 countries around the world. 
AP scores has become important to an American university admission. According to the American college bound advisory committee on the eve of a nationwide investigation, because the university has generally the student's performance in the AP test measures whether it can be an asset to the university to study as the basis, so the AP test scores has become many college admissions consideration one of the most important basis. 
Test can be offset by the AP courses university credits, credits university courses, help students to shorten university school, advanced placement, more can save the high college tuition. And, more importantly, according to the statistics, have strong AP test scores of high school students in the university learning has a better performance in the future and development of American universities has AP scores as a measure of student learning and research ability, and the ability to cope with difficult college course important indicators. Taking AP exam course, the students with high test scores by American universities regard sb with special respect or new views. Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries will also be this as the main way of scholarships and conditions.