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Early bird elite study program
Zhengzhou foundationstone middle school in 2007 independent school, become the act college entrance tests in the United States Committee, AP American University Council official teaching center. Has trained 8 sessions of graduates helicopter Canada Britain, Australia, Hong Kong and first-class university, to develop China's first TOEFL score of students Liu Zinan, for three consecutive years the Chinese college entrance examination couch champion, and so a large number of outstanding graduates.
Cornerstone school introduced for Chinese students of international curriculum and domestic solid science course advantage complementary, Britain, all foreign teachers learning professional paper, science curriculum, knowledge conversion in both English and Chinese, seamless connection with foreign universities, has the 4th students in foreign undergraduate graduation, no repetition of a hanging, a full academic achievement reached more than 70%, fundamentally overcome the Chinese students cohesion is not sufficient, the common problem of low credit scores of foreign universities. For Chinese students to avoid the risk of studying abroad, to eliminate the waste, to become an international competitiveness of the elite talent opened a safe channel.
International University Preparatory Courses in 2009 opened, the students graduated from the TOEFL score of 100 students 70% points or more, an average of 98 points. Most of the students ACT28 points or more (to the top 50 American University admission requirements), 37% of the students more than 30 points (to the top 30 universities to meet the requirements of the college admission).
Enrollment target
The move scores above 600 points, the key middle school class or a common international class high school students.
Course introduction
One, the establishment of excellent results in solid academic foundation in English and only pay attention to the techniques of IELTS, TOEFL, sat exam training different, the students in our school in English environment system of the study of American university examinations board, paper, science curriculum, a lot of classroom interaction, the writing, the UK data query and thesis oral defense and other native use exercise enables students to fully adapt to the IELTS, TOEFL, act, AP exams of listening, speaking, reading and writing and science knowledge of the English language requirements for conversion. On this basis, our school students in the examination committee of American University, American University board of directors under the guidance of the official papers for overseas entrance examination, achieved a multiplier effect.
Second, to overcome the defects of Chinese students abroad, the Western tradition of seamless University Chinese students through IELTS, TOEFL, sat training techniques to deal with overseas entrance examination, because the connection is not fully into foreign universities couldn't understand the professional class, does not meet the learning requirements of a variety of classroom interaction and research, exhausted in school, immaculate in university practice is widespread. Students in our school after learning of gac-act international authoritative course text, science system, break language, matriculation convergence obstacles, 2013, I proofread graduates tracking statistics, students to enter the foreign university credits GPA3.0 above (4.0) the proportion of up to 70%, the scholarship continued rate reached 100%.
Three, the general performance provides extensive studies act and AP exam is not only American university to accept the authority of examination, the achievement of the course has been widely recognized in Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore first-class university, the graduates of our school never stick to one country or a few university can be arbitrary choice of the United States and Canada are often Cocculus tunbergii University, more than 4000 University and Australia, Britain and many closely undergraduate record straight.
Four, the authority scores for students to get high scholarship offer to help the college entrance tests in the United States act scores not only admitted to universities in USA and Canada undergraduate general performance, is the American university scholarships important basis. Our previous many graduates with excellent act and TOEFL scores are admitted to the University of the United States of America and Canada scholarship, the students Zhang Guanyu obtained the 14 million four thousand dollars, Liu Zinan students won a scholarship to 10 thousand euros, get half award, the third, the fourth, one of the scholarship students accounted for 40% of graduating students.
course arrangement
1, graduating from junior to senior high school certificate of education examination before the weekend leisure time and summer vacation time to advance learning act preparatory courses and TOEFL foundation course.
2, senior high school will enter in the ACT and TOEFL, full-time ACT intensive training courses, pre university teaching reference arrangement ACT.
3, the convergence of university courses, AP University credits to repair the course learning phase.
Start time: 2 October 2015 January 2016 opening, before the winter holiday, in this period of placement.