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To enjoy the youth, brave to insipid

Yesterday to see an article, the article criticism now many young people a person go to Tibet, a person riding a bicycle to go traveling, always dream of traveling around the world, these young people have some people and no condition to do these things still have to adhere to, regardless of his own safety and parents worry is not mature enough to understand performance of the play. Just what, in his list of peers bid brave and different.
More and more young people love to travel, travel Backpackers travel by car ride. We are constantly inventing new ways to stimulate the excitement, although travel for many people is to find their dreams on the road, in a strange place to find the true self. But not everyone is to travel and travel, we always used strongly to his travel sketch how stimulation, the roadside scenery description of how extremely beautiful, basking in the most beautiful photos, write the most thrilling story, our mouth say think and share experience and happiness, in fact many people heart wants is that two others envy and praise, listen to others boast two brave and persistent and satisfy a little vanity.
In the final analysis, this time we too many people no courage to reconcile dull, dare not admit their ordinary life, we wear and others do not like clothes, reading books and different from the others, and others like different things to others haven't been to places, we strive to make their own life and others is not the same. Whenever we talk about the future, delineate is a than a wonderful blueprint, each person's future look so climax.
Don't remember from what we always confusing the envy of others that the ups and downs of life and even ashamed to mention their peaceful life. Remember before and have graduated two years senior to dinner, he faint said a sentence: "now we guys sitting together do not eat people to imagine the future, we talk about is what brand of milk powder is better, which lots of house environment good not expensive."
No matter when young we how crazy, finally to be placed in plain river, I hope we can have the courage to be insipid, content with plain is the biggest is not the same.
Who can be intoxicated in the journey of the scenery, but not everyone can actively face the bleak life. Whether a person riding a bicycle to Tibet, or a person backpacking around the world, these brave is not worth be insipid courage.
Romain Rolland said: only a heroic world, after recognizing the truth of life is still love life.
We in the youth is how overbearing domineering, arrogant, we once again how stubborn, unwilling and ordinary, we to imagine a future than a wonderful, whenever we talking about the future of this topic, without exception, shining eyes meaning soldierly.
Who can we have not been in the silence of the night, think of a person lying in bed, perhaps a few years, more than 20 years old, married to a people who love children, and ordinary life, in order to fuel, every month can earn more money for the children's brains, night school milk money and money and hug, while repeating the lover that I do not know how many times the old side, like an alarm clock regularly does not forget to greet their parents every day, go home and tell my dear, so make more money to have time will take you out to play a circle, and tell yourself you must change a better next year's car can be life is so hot a day in and day out machinery after a few years, although there is more money, but still can't love and travel in a circle, is still not willing to change the car he had in mind to drive Car for many years. This is our most people to face life, but now we may not have the courage to even imagine.
We are so eager to a climax, stimulation, despise their own mediocrity, hate life. We have the courage to take risks, but always have the courage to accept the ordinary.
We reflect this life, after many years of efforts to not see results, but in a chance to obtain success; that will not love you finally fall in love with you; used to hate the friends smile enqiu vanished; one or two memorable trip; the wedding night become parents that day, except for the high tide, life more is passing in the flat plain one day you will to work every day how many steps are the way to go. This is the truth of life, but if one day we see the truth, then can we really have the courage to continue to love it.
We study abroad, dream of traveling around the world, we are the brains entrepreneurial maverick, we cherish and others different dreams, we want to set foot on a piece of strange land to start a fresh, new life, we want to with their own hands to create a section of the legendary life, we always do not stop to dream that life is impossible dream diligently over a period and different from the others, avoid plain reality to escape the responsibility of life.
When read again Cervantes's Don Quixote, then for a teenager perhaps deeper, experienced some things, slowly falling in love with Don Quixote, he said: we want to dream the impossible dream. Once how many times it was this sentence moved, when now re opened the book when suddenly wake up, a person's life unexpectedly can to dream so crazy and cool to put down all responsibility and love this is how childish behavior, the author is not in the songs of the him but in criticism, he is not a warrior he just spent all his life in escape from reality and responsibility of cowards. Real warrior, must dare to face their bleak life. And now we have a lot of time is like this, hiding in a place called the dream of a safe haven, escape from all about the reality and the life of the wind and rain. Dreams become the best excuse for us to escape from all the responsibilities and the reality.
Each young when clear astringent years, will have the uninhibited thoughts of unrestrained fantasy, but when we in his thirties, 30 quietly in the past, life is like a relentless Kedao, changing the appearance of our. Years later, when the stadium the earthshaking dream into the national team basketball teenager opened the company of a not too big nor too small, then the guitar rushes to the world, life and music to accompany young but when the a primary school music teacher, once the unruly all dancing superb want to jump into the life dance the young was admitted to the civil servants daily drinking tea, reading a newspaper.
Years are cruel, life is cruel, but we must accept, we must go to the brave face. However after many years, our life is so bleak and tasteless, as long as we have the courage to face is the real hero, wrought iron warriors.
Youth is too good so transient, wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, it had slipped away. While we are still young, desperate to love a person, to feel a say go away trip, to do the things you want to do, to see you want to see, while we're still at the age of 20 years, to do some 80 years old when I think of it on the face also can not help but smile rippling thing, while we're still in the youth of the tail to try to enjoy this short youth. When youth is gone, when we sat together can no longer be like once pronouncements aspirations to drink until dawn, when we start talking about which brand of milk money cheap and not to draw the outline of the vision of the future, please brave to accept this dull.
No matter what the future, we don't have to complain about our life. Some people's life is wonderful, but more people's life is full of ordinary things. If we do not earthshaking things you can do, then do a dull person, to a lovely children for parents, children of filial piety to of a kindly old man, give your significant other a simple happy life, which is the same as the fullness of life.
To enjoy the youth, and the courage to be insipid.
One world, a bodhi. If you don't have the time to make people relaxed and happy, a person living mindfully, found around those ordinary and small beauty, which is far than a can only be the beauty of the world can move people to easily much happier.
After seeing the truth of life, continue to love it.
May we all be so.